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Sunday School Lessons using God's Living Word
My Beliefs

Statement of Faith

I believe in God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. I believe that Jesus is God in the flesh and that through His sacrifice I have salvation. I believe that Jesus is the Christ and the Son of the Living God. I believe that Jesus' Church is defined by the previous statement (as told by Peter in Matt 16:15-18). I believe in the birth, death and resurrection of Jesus. I believe that Jesus was born of a virgin (by the Power of the Holy Spirit). I believe that Jesus is sitting on the Right Hand of God as my intercessor. I believe in the Power of the Holy Spirit and that He indwells all believers. I believe in the Gifts of the Holy Spirit (all of them) and I believe that all believers should display the Fruit of the Spirit in their lives. I believe that the Bible is God's True Word and without errors. I believe in Baptism of both Water and Spirit. I believe in Heaven and Hell. I believe in the principles of Christ (Heb 6:1-2). I believe in the Holy Ordinances of the Church (Lord's Supper and Baptism); I also however would not rule out Foot Washing (John 13:14-15). I believe in God the creator of all things; not by accident or by chance. I do not believe in abortion. I believe in the Rapture - saints resurrection (bodily - what kind I don't know) I believe in the pre-tribulation rapture - but not opposed to whenever God does it. I believe in the five fold ministry of the Church (Eph 4:11). I do believe that the function of all of these ministries exist today. I believe in PRAYER. I believe in fasting. I believe in Eternal Salvation. And lastly, I believe we are living in the last days and I do welcome Jesus' return.

Bible Study

I have a burden for believers to be trained in the Word of God once they have chosen the faith. I therefore believe in a very strong Doctrinal training process in Church.

Local Church

I am a member of The Oaks Baptist Church located in Grand Prairie, Texas.

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